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  • Avoda Natural - Authorized Dealer for Dr Sam's Bio

    Authorized Dealer for Dr Sam's Bio

    Dr Sam's Bio specialize in formulating safe and natural products. We hold strongly to our motto of not compromising on our formulation’s quality and efficacy. All our formulations go through stringent lab tests, clinical and human trials before they are approved for production and released to the market. With these traits, we have succeeded in providing good formulations to aid the management and treatment of many chronic diseases throughout the years.

  • Avoda Natural - Ms Kit L, United Kingdom

    Ms Kit L, United Kingdom

    My daughter has been suffering from Eczema for 13 years. I've tried all sorts of medication in the UK, including steroid jabs but it only made her situation worse. I was introduced to Alazne ECZ cream by my sister. After applying the cream and taking Gluta C for a week, I started seeing improvement. I'm so grateful to Dr Sam.

  • Avoda Natural - Zariah, Malaysia

    Zariah, Malaysia

    I have lesser sinus flare ups ever since taking Gluta C consistently. I have less sinus headaches and allergies these days. I fall sick less often too. I boost my Gluta C intake whenever I feel that I'm falling sick.

  • Avoda Natural - Josh T, Malaysia

    Josh T, Malaysia

    The best probiotics! PXII is a life saver whenever I travel to foreign countries and experience stomach discomfort. I no longer suffer from indigestions or bad diarrheas when I travel and my stomach is stronger now.

  • Avoda Natural - Ms Ng, Malaysia

    Ms Ng, Malaysia

    The Treatment Set has really improved my acne, skin redness and inflammation. Before this, I've been taking antibiotics and spent so much money on laser treatments but it did not solve my skin condition. I’m happy with the results.. my skin's glow is back too!

  • Avoda Natural - Mr FM, Malaysia

    Mr FM, Malaysia

    I'm 75 and have been experiencing occasional tremors and cramps on my hands and feets. I also have difficulty breathing after doing heavy manual labour and need to rest more often. After taking CR SAIN II, I noticed that the cramps are gone and I have more energy.

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